After my rotorstorm kit and many accessories I felt ready to make my own full figure. I was always impressed by the Marvel comic version of Scorponok and I liked him way more as a regular bot than a titan sized bot. I felt that he was never represented in such a way in physical form  and it inspired me to make it happen.

Initially I wanted him to scale with combiner wars optimus prime so th first step was to make some pictures of him and began 3d modelling his robot mode to get the feel of proportions and volume. I started to digitally place him in pictures to see how he fits with other figures.

After I was happy with the initial 3d model I began printing the first basic figure Version . After printing the first few parts I placed them in a picture to see how the full scale would work. I scaled the image in a 3D program so that the 3D was the same size as the printed part  and I could see how the whole model would scale.

At this stage I also started to try and figure out the transformation. SInce in the comic he only had the cannon on the front of his shoulders I wanted to make it work like that so I came up with the rotating shoulder section.

The basic idea was ready but the tail and scorpion legs were challenging to figure out. Everything had to be self contained.

Finally i decided on a long hinge that would hide between the legs in skorpion mode and rotate to place the tail on his robot back that would be able to fold and compress in this mode.

With this the version 1 was ready and i am currently on version 2,6 😀

The first model was sold on ebay and by request of the winner it contained custom leg weapon sections that are unique only to this version.

Here are some presentation movies of the first versions