Fort Max and Grand Max STL files


Current version of this project is 3.3

  • Updated with posed hands, new face options and some small upgrades including new forearm system.

This set of files contains the STL files that I used to create my Fort Max figure. It also has instructions on how to assemble the figure as well as alternative files that allow to make the Grand variant. The files are for Personal use.

I was inspired to make this by my old Transformers comic from the 90's

If you wish to know more about this project and developement please visit the KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOP section on this page.

When assembled he is fully articulated and can transform into a ship and base mode with no partsforming.

There is also a full 3D model of the figure if you wish to use him for animation.

You will need to own or have acces to a 3D printer to print the files.

The set includes:
-STL files for base figure
-alternative STL files for the Grand variant
-STL fIles for the weapons

You will recieve a special Dropbox link and whenever i make an update i will post the updated files there. I will be also under email for consultaion on the project.

My copy was printed in ABS using 0.19(0.2) layer for most parts and 0.14 for detailed parts like the Faces etc.

I can also print the files for you and send the printed parts to you (assembled or unassembled) but that option is available at a seperate listing.

In order to help with tolerance problems i have Introduced a new idea of "friction plates" tat sit in special pockets, They are special parts that add a ratchet motion and help with tightening the joints. Reprinting them in slightly thicker size should eliminate any tolerance problems without the need to reprint the big parts.

List of update 3.2 changes:
-Redesigned the tower and added legneds scale  (60%) preset for Bambu studio

List of update 3.1 changes:
-Reorganized the files and added update instruction images
-Fixed some minor bugs

List of update 3.0 changes:
- Added a rotating clipto the ramp for added articulation
-shoulder armor attaches using a new system and adds more articulation
-Shoulders have been redesigned and can be extended from the body for added articulation
-Hips have been redesigned to be easier to print
-Crotch to stomach connection have been redesigned.
-New neck system for more articulation
-improved hand grip system
-New tower gun mount insert
-Core system to reinforce gun strength-Crotch has a small extension to help balance the "base" mode
-Minor technical changes and fixes

-----------> DIGITAL FILES ONLY!!!!! <------------