The second figure was naturally inspired by Maximus as he is a rival to Scorponok. I really liked his role in the comic. 

A simple blocky model was the beginning. I modeled with my Scorpion model in the same scene as I wanted to be sure that they fit aesthetically.

The robot mode is obvious but his alt mode was not really defined in the comic. I experimented with a few ideas but eventually settled on his “starship” mode as it was present in one of the comic panels. First test prints began and I often placed them next to existing figures to see how the project was shaping up. 

The main figure was done and I discovered that the design allowed for a base mode with simple transformation variation. I do consider his spaceship mode as the main one. 

The biggest challenge was to find the right color for the head. I tested a lot of options but could not get it exactly right. In the process I found that the gray one looked nice and I still use it sometimes on my display.

With this The first version of the Max model was done 🙂