Green lantern Transformer Construct


I was inspired to design this by my old Transformers comic and the TMNT show from the 90’s

If you wish to know more about this project and development please visit the KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOP section on this page where I will be posting behind the scene articles.

When assembled he is fully articulated and can transform with no partsforming.

The set includes:

-Turtle Prime base figure
-2 sai, 2 Swords, 2 Nunchuks 1 staff and Attachment clips for all.
-Set if alternative parts for the head
-Unicron follower and weapons
-4 vintage turtle figures as a gift


1 in stock

This is a one of a kind print of my design in translucent green filament. It is meant to simulate a green lantern energy construct 🙂

I will add 2 of my personal Green lantern figures as a bonus with this set

It is fully transformable. The final version will have sifter joints than in the video.

Figure ships from Warsaw - Poland
There might be additional custom fees upon arrival depending of your country's laws.

You can view a presentation of this figure type here